About LEO – Liberland Environmental Organisation

Welcome to the Liberland Environmental Organisation (LEO), an NGO committed to providing reliable environmental data to support settlers across the territory of Liberland. Founded in November 2023, LEO is a collective of dedicated volunteers and settlers actively engaged in observing and collecting essential environmental information.

Our Mission

LEO is dedicated to assisting settlers by providing essential services and information crucial for living in harmony with Liberland’s unique environment:

Our Objectives

  1. Settlement Support: Assisting settlers in identifying suitable and secure areas for settlement, considering the natural environment’s characteristics.
  2. Environmental Adaptation: Providing essential data and insights for settlers to adapt to the natural environment’s challenges and opportunities.
  3. Information Accessibility: Ensuring easy access to critical environmental data, maps, and forecasts for settlers’ informed decision-making.

How We Support Settlers

  • Weather Monitoring Services: Continuous monitoring and provision of real-time weather updates, enabling settlers to plan and adapt accordingly.
  • Data Accessibility: Offering easily accessible environmental data and maps to aid settlers in making informed decisions about settlement locations and daily living.
  • Environmental Monitoring Guides: Offering detailed insights derived from environmental monitoring, aiding settlers in making decisions, understanding local resources and harmonious coexistence with the surrounding wildlife.

Join Us in Our Mission

Whether you’re a settler looking to embrace life in harmony with nature or someone eager to support the integration of settlers into Liberland’s stunning environment, LEO welcomes your participation.

Together, let’s build a community where settlers thrive while respecting and embracing the natural beauty and resources of Liberland.

About Liberland

Liberland founded in 2015 is positioned between Croatia and Serbia. It has a developing community striving for peaceful coexistence within its 7 km² area known as “Gornja Siga” along the Danube River. It operates as a constitutional republic guided by democratic principles. It’s official language is English, and it’s motto “Live and let live”

After years of international diplomacy, Liberland achieved a significant milestone by opening its borders in August 2023. This marks a pivotal moment, welcoming settlers and aiming for community growth. Efforts are focused on building sustainable infrastructure to support economic prosperity for residents and the wider community. Prospective visitors keen to explore this evolving landscape are encouraged to review guidelines on the Settlement page, inviting all to contribute to Liberland’s story of settlement and development.

Liberland gov: https://liberland.org/


Liberland Environmental Organisation
Danube st. 2
Liberland, Liberland
Email: info@leo.ll.land

Gen. manager: mr. Gregor Kočar